The Inca Steps of Quenuani, Peru

Inspired by videos created by Megalithomania and Brien Foerster, who first found the site, this article examines the Inca Steps of Quenuani between the towns of Cuturapi and Yunguyo on the Peruvian shore of Lake Titicaca.

From clues in these two videos, the geographic location of Quenuani has been determined using Google Earth to be at latitude 16.259446° S and longitude 69.171322° W. Based on rough measurements from the image (Figure 1) the linear rock cuts appear to be aligned approximately 23° west of north. This implies the steps face 67° east of north. Is there a celestial explanation for this alignment?

Figure 1 Google Earth image of the Inca Steps

Using a location analysis tool developed to support the research presented in Before Atlantis, the angle 67° can be shown to be just outside the range of solstice sunrise alignment angles (64.8° to 66.6°) over the past 41,000 years. Measurement error is one possible explanation for the discrepancy. 

Figure 2. Puma Punku is slightly misaligned to the east.

The site of Puma Punku is located 38 miles southeast of Quenuani. Puma Punka and nearby Tiwanaku are not aligned exactly to the cardinal directions but are rotated slightly east of north. In Before Atlantis we have determined four prior locations of the North Pole over the past 125,000 years based on Hapgood’s pole shift hypothesis. Between 75,000 to 125,000 years ago, the North Pole is thought to have been in northern Greenland. In this part of Peru, an ancient Greenland pole would have been in the direction 1-2° east of north.

If the North Pole were in Greenland, Puma Punku would face due north. Quenuani would also be rotated slightly to be within the range of solstice sunrise angles (65.9° to 67.7°). 

Based on its orientation it is likely that Quenuani was built as a place to observe the sunrise over Lake Titicaca on the solstice. It is also possible, if Hapgood’s theory of pole shifts is correct, that Quenuani, and perhaps other sites in the area such Puma Punku and Tiwanaku may be related by virtue of their alignment to an ancient pole in Greenland and could be 75,000 to 125,000 years old.

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